Leave a Legacy of Caring for the ‘Aina

It takes people like you, with a vision and passion for Hawai‘i, to help Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (“HILT”) fulfill its promise of perpetuity.  By remembering HILT in your planned giving, you help ensure that future generations will benefit from HILT’s mission to protect the special places that sustain us.  Your support is vital to the perpetual stewardship of the thousands of conservation acres we monitor and maintain each year.  Your gift will make a lasting green legacy.

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Photo Credit Robert Shallenberger, PhD
Photo Credit Robert Shallenberger, PhD

‘Aina Ho‘oilina Society is the distinguished group of our loyal supporters who have included HILT in their estate planning.  The literal translation of this group’s name is the Land Legacy Society.

If you are interested in learning more about including HILT in your estate planning, please click here to download a PDF that we've prepared for you.  If you have named Hawaiian Islands Land Trust in your will, please contact Angela Britten, Development Director, at (808) 791-0731 or angie@hilt.org.  You can also enroll using this form:  PDF Enrollment Form   |   Here's the online enrollment form.


Mahalo To Our Current Members

We would like to recognize and thank the current members of our ‘Aina Ho‘oilina Society:

Dr. Richard Bennett

Susan Bradford

Jackie Brainard

Neola Caveny

Mary Charles

Mindy Frankel

Hilary Harts

Maribeth & John Klobuchar

Peter & Luanna McKenney

Joan Pratt

Robert & Carolyn Richardson

Clyde & Gerrianne Sakamoto

Patricia Stillwell

Anonymous (3)


If there are any errors or omissions in our list, please accept our sincere apologies and contact Angela Britten, Development Director, at (808) 791-0731 or angie@hilt.org.  We will be sure to update our ‘Āina Ho‘oilina Society listings accordingly.


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