Size: 150 acres
Year Protected: 2008
Land Protection Strategy: Conservation Easement
Conservation Values: Habitat, open space, archaeological preservation
Land Features: Steep forested canyon along Kīlauea stream which flows into grassy estuary


about kilauea

The name Kilauea literally means spewing, much spreading (referring to volcanic eruptions).  This easement has helped to preserve wildlife habitat of the many manu (birds) that are found near the Kilauea river including ʻiwa, ʻuaʻu, ʻuaʻu kani,ʻaʻo, koaʻe ʻula, koaʻe kea, and nēnē.

Neighboring HILT's fee-owned Kahili Beach Preserve, this easement of 150 acres create a conservation kipuka of protected lands.

Lele ka ‘iwa malie kai ko‘o. When the ‘iwa bird flies (out to sea) the rough sea will be calm.
— ‘olelo no‘eau