"Happy Farmers." - Landowners Rich & Virginia

"Happy Farmers." - Landowners Rich & Virginia

Kukui‘ula, Kīpahulu - Ola Honua Farm

Size: 74 acres
Year Protected: 2004
Land Protection Strategy: HILT Conservation Easement
Conservation Values: Organic Agriculture
Land Features: Wet forest habitat



Originally owned by the Hecht family who spent more than a decade converting the land that had been degraded by cattle grazing and cane cultivation into a sustainable working farm featuring intensive reforestation with native species and other hardwood and bamboo crops.

Situated in the ahupua‘a of Kukui‘ula (translating to red light) in the beautiful and remote area of Kīpahulu, these "Happy Farmers" work cooperatively to provide fresh agricultural produce, along with beautiful quality bamboo for the community of Maui.  

Various types of bamboo, teak, and other hardwoods, along with some native plants such as koa and kukui are found in this secluded wahi pana.  Click here to learn more about Whispering Winds Bamboo or listen to the whispering winds of the bamboo found there.

Being on the land and having that relationship with nature is good for the soul.
— Ryan Zucco, Ola Honua Caretaker