Size: 47.448 acres
Year Protected: 2005
Land Protection Strategy: HILT Conservation Easement
Conservation Values: Native plant and habitat restoration
Land Features: Wet forest habitat



Nahiku literally translates to the sevens (districts of the area).  On the edge of Kahawai Haupapa (Haupapa Stream) and the Nahiku Forest Reserve, this property was once part of the extensive Nahiku Rubber Company in the early 20th century.  The only commercial rubber company to have been established in the United States.  Although the company closed in 1912, rubber trees are still found here, along with ‘ohi‘a, koa, and hau.  Barbara and Edgar Sabbeth expressed their deep love of this land and worked with the Maui Coastal Land Trust to see that it will always be preserved.  The Sabbeths have committed to removing invasive species and encouraging native forests as their top priority.


We have some significant challenges with feral pigs trying to get at the newly planted native species and large numbers of guava on the property, both of which are doing their best to keep me busy and succeeding!
— Edgar Sabbeth, landowner