Na‘alehu, Ka‘u - Macadamia Nut Farm


Size: 211.1 acres
Year Protected: 2016
Land Protection Strategy: HILT Conservation Easement
Conservation Values: Agricultural lands, wildlife habitat, watershed
Land Features: Agricultural lands


This working farm is located in the land of the Kuehu Lepo dust scattering) wind an currently consists of a mixed age macadamia orchard adjacent to the Ka‘u Forest Reserve.  
“Through this purchase, these lands will be protected and will maintain its agricultural purpose for generations to come,” said Kawika Burgess, CEO of HILT.   
The funds to purchase the easement were contributed by the Freeman Foundation of Honolulu in a strategic effort to conserve working agricultural lands in Hawai‘i.  The purchase will add to the more than 17,500 acres that HILT protects throughout Hawai‘i.
The land trust hopes to assist more agricultural operations in Hawai‘i by working with other foundations and donors who share similar goals to help farmers keep their lands productive while protecting the land’s conservation values.   

I was raised on a farm and have been a farmer for my entire life - I love farming. By placing a conservation easement on our land, I know this unique parcel will remain in agriculture forever.
— Blaine Grassman, landowner