Pa‘auilo, Hamakua

Size: 41.396 acres
Year Protected: 2015
Land Protection Strategy: HILT Conservation Easement
Conservation Values: Wildlife Habitat
Land Features: This forested land is strategically situated near the Oʻokala Cooperative Game Management Area and the Manowaialee Forest Reserve in the Hamakua District of Hawaiʻi Island.

The Conservation Easement honors those who came before us and protects what we have received.
— Kaye Lundburg


Previously used for cattle grazing and inundated with strawberry guava and other invasive species, the ‘aina needed healing.  Kaye Lundburg and her ‘ohana initiated a forest stewardship management program in 2013 with the vision of creating a kipuka, a forest oasis of ‘ohi‘a and koa along with native shrubs and ferns.

Kaye worked with Hawaiian Islands Land Trust to place a permanent conservation easement on the land, ensuring the perpetual protection of 41 acres of forestland in the Hamakua district.  Kaye is using the land as a tool to create an educational refuge where visitors, can not only learn about native forest and wildlife habitat restoration, but take part in the endeavor.  Individuals work to plant and water trees as well as remove invasive weeds around trees that were planted previously.  


Hawaiian Airlines Team Kokua is one such group that visited and worked to restore this wahi pana (storied place).  View their contribution here!