Kipuka Mosaic Project - Jackson, Volcano

Size: 1.4431 acres
Year Protected: 2014
Land Protection Strategy: HILT Conservation Easement
Conservation Values: Forest canopy protection, bird migration corridors
Land Features: Forest



In 1936, Francis Jackson, moved with her family to a most magical place - Volcano, Hawai‘i, where they lived in a forest of trees and ferns in a small home - a home where se still lives some 78 years later.  Back when she was small, some of her best friends were the beautiful lehua blossoms of the ‘ohi‘a tree which she imagined were red and yellow fairies in the leaves.  Even at an early age, Fran knew she wanted to protect those magical trees and the land they grew on, so, in 2014 she donated a perpetual conservation easement over her land to HILT, guaranteeing that the forest with the lovely red and yellow ‘ohi‘a blossoms, will be protected forever.

Fran finds time to travel the world, but always returns to this wahi pana in Volcano, which she has helped ensure will remain forested forever.


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