Keopuka, South Kona


Size: 184 acres
Year Protected: 2006
Land Protection Strategy: HILT Conservation Easement
Conservation Values: Shoreland and open space
Land Features: Lava and open space grassland


The ahupua‘a of Keopuka is located in the South Kona district.  The area is filled with ‘a‘a lava rock, along with dry grass and kiawe.  The endemic Hawaiian Pueo (short-eared owl) call this area home and ‘Io (Hawaiian Hawk) and ‘Amakihi may also frequent this area.  

The coastal areas of this region are thought to have included traditional Hawaiian complexes, recreation, transportation of fish from Kiholo fish ponds to Ka‘awaloa, and fishing.  Estimates of settlement was about 650 people prior to European contact.  Ranching and macadamia nut farming have occurred in more recent years.  Conservation values include scenic, natural, and open space, nearshore coastal habitat, public access trails, and historically and culturally sensitive features.