Kaua‘i: Hanalei/Black Pot Beach Park Expansion

Size: .7 acres
Year Protected: 2010
Land Protection Strategy: Brokered, owned by County of Kaua‘i
Conservation Values: Public beach access, shoreline recreation
Land Features: Marine shoreline



The beachfront lot along Hanalei Bay is now protected for public access and will expand the park, one of the most popular ocean recreation spots on Kaua‘i.  Kaua‘i Public Land Trust led the initiative which optimized collaboration between State and County agencies.

The County manages the .74-acre parcel that runs adjacent to both the Hanalei Pier, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, and Hanalei River, one of 14 designated American Heritage Rivers.  Planned park improvements include more parking, additional pavilions and restroom renovations.

Kaua‘i Public Land Trust, which has since merged to become part of the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust, assisted the County in seeking and coordinating funding sources for the $3 million acquisition. The County’s Public Access, Open Space, and Natural Resources Fund contributed $1.85 million, with an additional $350,000 came from the County’s Special Trust Fund for Parks and Playgrounds.  The State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources contributed $800,000 through its Legacy Land Conservation Program. 

Black Pot Beach Park is used for camping, fishing, picnics, and family beach gatherings. It serves as a launch point for many canoe races including the popular Na Pali Challenge, which draws paddlers from across the state, and is the main access to one of the best surf spots on the north shore of Kaua‘i.

Black Pot Beach Park is a heavily-used area that is important to many Kaua‘i residents. I am proud we acted promptly on a rare opportunity to expand public access to Hanalei Bay
— Bernard P. Carvalho, Kaua‘i County Mayor