Veterans Peace Park

Size: 4.5 acres
Year Protected: 2015
Land Protection Strategy: Owned by HILT
Conservation Values: Outdoor Recreation and Education, Historic Sites, Water Resource Values (land serves as natural filter strip for runoff heading to Kahului Bay), Scenic Vistas, Wildlife Habitat.
Land Features: Coastal land near Kahului Bay in a densely developed section of Wailuku

NVMC [Nisei Veterans Memorial Center] is excited about the preservation of this open space as a peace park honoring all Maui veterans and is happy to donate the property to HILT for this purpose. We respect HILT’s distinguished record of land stewardship and conservation, and believe that our collaboration will result in a lasting tribute to our veterans.
— Brian Moto, Nisei Veterans Memorial Center President


This 4.5 acre protected open space parcel is situated in a densely developed section of Wailuku and will serve as a peace park honoring veterans.  The land, between the NVMC building and the Kanaloa Avenue and Kahului Beach Road intersection, was conveyed in fee to HILT.  This coastal land has various conservation values which benefit the community.  The property has historical and cultural values.  There are two known historic sites on the property, including a Hawaiian cultural site and the remnants of the Kahului Railroad’s rock crusher which operated from 1920 to 1946 when the facility was damaged by a tsunami.  The property also has water resource values in that the land serves as a natural filter strip from runoff heading towards Kahului Bay.    The land has some wildlife habitat values and contains native plants such as naupaka.

About Nisei Veterans Memorial Center

The Nisei Veterans Memorial Center is a living memorial guided by the valor and values of the Nisei (second generation Japanese-American) veterans of World War II, and is committed to perpetuating their legacy through education and continuing service to all generations.  Formed as a Hawaii nonprofit corporation in 1991, NVMC is located on Go For Broke Place off of Kahului Beach Road, Maui, and is home Kansha Preschool and Maui Adult Day Care Center’s Ocean View facility.  The NVMC also features an Education Center with offices, exhibit room, and an archive of Nisei veteran documents and artifacts.  Contact the NVMC by email at info@nvmc or call (808) 244-6862.