Danny and Sharyl Boren of Skyline Eco-Adventures

Danny and Sharyl Boren of Skyline Eco-Adventures


Conservation has always been at the heart of Skyline.

Operating on three main principals: Conservation, Community and Culture, Skyline has given over $1 million dollars to a variety of charities since 2002 promoting such causes as native restoration, sustainability, and land conservation.

The Skyline Eco-Adventures Team at a recent tree planting event

The Skyline Eco-Adventures Team at a recent tree planting event

Hawaiian Islands Land Trust is one of the organizations Skyline supports through the 1% for the Planet program, an international initiative connecting conservation-focused businesses with certified environmental nonprofits. Danny says that

“Having grown up on Maui, we have seen many changes impact our island, community, and our environment.  It is important to us as individuals and as a business to do everything we can to create a healthy and sustainable community and environment across Hawaii. There is no replacing Maui or Hawaii, so we feel an urgent need to protect the things and places that we love so that our kids and the generations to come, across our islands, will be able to enjoy all the things that make Hawaii so special.”
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One of the challenges a business faces when choosing to give philanthropically, is choosing the cause. There are literally thousands of worthy nonprofits, all working to better the Hawaii community, often with urgent need. We asked Danny why he made the environment a priority in his philanthropy, he tells us that, as a kid he always felt most at home in the outdoors and as he grew into adulthood, came to appreciate more the native plants and animals and cultural significance of his island home. 

“Preserving open spaces for the community, restoring the native environment, and protecting culturally important areas are critical to the well-being of our island and every person in our community.  We all live here, and the condition of our environment has a direct impact on all of our lives, and the lives of many species of plants and animals that were here long before people arrived.  By helping groups like HILT protect the land we are helping to preserve something that 100 years from now kids will still visit to hike, camp, fish, and learn more about their home.  Creating that kind of legacy for the future will benefit everyone on Maui in ways we can only imagine now.”

Not one to be satisfied with the status quo, Danny is looking toward the future. Skyline will continue to implement and model business practices that support the native environment and will continue to expand a native forest restoration project at their Haleakala Ranch Skyline location. Skyline is also making efforts to eliminate single use plastics from our community - like plastic bottled water, straws, and excessive plastic packaging, through the company’s new Wipeout Plastic Grant Program in local schools.

In 2017, Skyline Eco Adventures earned the Association of Fundraising Professionals – Aloha Chapter National Philanthropy Day Outstanding Small Business Award recognizing their impact to the community.