Naupaka preventing erosion of the shoreline

Naupaka preventing erosion of the shoreline


Size: 1 acre
Year Protected: Fee Simple 2013 and Conservation Easement 2014
Land Protection Strategy: HILT Conservation Easement
Conservation Values: Archaeological sites, seabird habitat, public access
Land Features: Coastal habitat, shoreline


About Kaulahao

Situated in the Hamakuapoko district of Maui.  The name Kaulahao translates to iron rope and refers to the steel cable from the 1850s which ran into the ocean that steamships would tie to and be able to transport items from the ships to land.  

Conserved in fee in 2013 and then later by conservation easement which HILT now holds, this area is significant due to its public access to the shoreline and cultural sites.  Embankment of native plants protect these cultural sites.  The area is popular with local fishermen and divers.

HILT works in collaboration with a local community group known as Malama Kaulahao who are dedicated to the preservation and protection of this area.  They host regular cleanups and volunteers are encouraged to participate.  Learn more about Malama Kaulahao at