Here's What We Think: Love It And Leave It

Maunawila Heiau, Hau ʻ ula O ʻ ahu -- Maunawila Blessing Ceremony. Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Franz Schmutzer.

Maunawila Heiau, Hauʻula Oʻahu -- Maunawila Blessing Ceremony.
Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Franz Schmutzer.

Non-political by design, Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (HILT) is a non-profit organization committed to working with private landowners, community groups, community leaders and government partners to protect Hawaiiʻi's precious lands. Using a variety of tools, we help landowners integrate conservation into their land use plans in perpetuity. This collaborative work helps to avert inappropriate land use tomorrow--and the benefits of conservation are triumphs that resound for all generations to come.  

Founded in January 2011, we represent the combined skill and resources of four organizations now working together to do right by the land. Bolstered by national accreditation, HILT assumes responsibility for the protected lands currently in our care and all future acquisitions forever. Proper protection defend against the threat of losing any more precious resources than we already have, while careful stewardship of these protected areas ensures their cultural and conservation values survive in perpetuity. 

Our Mission Is Simple: To Protect The Lands That Sustain Us For Current And Future Generations.


What sustains you: snorkeling, surfing or a great day at the beach; getting good and dirty restoring a loʻi kalo (taro patch) or native forest; locally grown food; a quiet walk in nature; shoreline fishing with friends; enjoying the island scenery during your daily commute? Perhaps it's reconfirming our shared identity as the People of Hawaiʻi through visiting cultural and archaeological sites and learning the stories of the life of the land... 

Our History

Lokahi, the Hawaiian term for "collaboration" represents the founding principle of Hawaiian Islands Land Trust. Over the years, the hard work and good intentions of the land trusts across the islands accomplished great things. For more than two decades these organzations working to protect our natural and cultural treasures. They engaged volunteers, motivated donors, and worked to preserve the heritage that is uniquely Hawaiian. They have successfully protected coastal areas, working ranches and agricultural lands, wildlife habitats, watersheds, park and recreation areas and Hawaiian cultural sites. 

In order to keep pace with the development that threatens our most important places, these land trusts knew that they must work both harder and smarter. It was necessary to find a way to take conservation in Hawaiʻi to the next level. For more than a year, like-minded organizations worked to create a vision of a more cohesive, capable, and better-funded statewide conservation effort. E Pluribus Unum, Out of Many, One--it was a time to join forces. 

In January 2011, that vision became a reality when the merger of four existing organizations became official and the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust was born. Participation in the collaboration were Kauaʻi Public Land Trust, Oʻahu Land Trust, Maui Coastal Land Trust, and Hawaiʻi Island Land Trust. Now each county in the State is represented together by a vibrant new statewide land conservancy.