Why I Choose to Invest In The Hawaiian Islands Land Trust

There are so many incredibly admirable organizations that serve our community here on Maui and throughout Hawaii nei and my husband and I try to find opportunities where we can help out, whenever we can. Feeding the homeless, clothing our children, literacy, universal health access, and many more programs are all deserving of our help and attention. These worthy nonprofits are all managed by devoted people who work tirelessly on trying to make Hawaii a better place for all of us and, hopefully, many of them will no longer be needed in the future as the needs they fill will be successfully abolished. 

We believe that investing in land conservation is a permanent and perpetual investment and will forever ensure that all our future generations will continue to benefit from working farm and ranch lands, open space and public access for recreation and connection to nature, cultural and historical sites for education, and iconic views that we have come to take for granted. My husband and I have chosen to invest in the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust since 2008 and are proud of the work that the trust does and all they have accomplished. In the last 10 years HILT has placed over 18,000 acres of Hawaii’s precious places in to perpetual conservation and we are excited to be a part of it. 

Although the people that manage the myriad of amazing nonprofits here in Hawaii will continue to come and go, and the necessitous issues will change with the generations, we are satisfied that our solid investment in land conservation will continue into perpetuity to serve the wonderful people of


By, Susan Kean

Susan began her art career at an early age at the Art Students League in New York City and continued at Pratt University in Brooklyn.  After receiving her BFA she opened Fine Art Tile, a business specializing in custom hand-painted ceramic tile.  In her 30 years of operating this business, 20 in Hawai‘i, she completed many commissions for a multitude of restaurants, hotels and private homes.  She recently took up oil painting en plein air which has helped strengthen her conviction of preserving iconic landscapes and open space.

An avid hiker, paddler, biker she is passionate about nature and is happy to be affiliated with an organization that works so hard to preserve land.

Susan sat five years as a founding advisory director for BookTrustMaui.  She started serving on the board of Maui Coastal Land Trust in 2008.  She is currently serving as chair of the governance committee for the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust.

She is married to Jac Kean and they happily share four wonderful children.

Three Public Benefits to Conservation Easements in Hawaii

Three Public Benefits to Conservation Easements in Hawaii

Although conservation easements are typically placed on private lands, they serve to benefit the public in a variety of a ways.  Three important benefits of conservation easements, especially here in Hawaii, are:

1)     Preservation of Agricultural Lands;

2)     Protection of Open Space and Scenic Landscapes for residents and visitors alike; and

3)     Protection of Cultural heritage

Hau‘ula Community & HILT Share Maunawila with IUCN Indigenous Leaders

Hau‘ula Community & HILT Share Maunawila with IUCN Indigenous Leaders

A contingent of indigenous leaders from around the world who visited for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) experienced first hand how Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (HILT), the Hau‘ula community, and others throughout Ko‘olauloa, O‘ahu are working together to conserve the ancient heiau, Maunawila.