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New Monthly Giving Club


Dedication, love, and remarkable results: Introducing the Nopili Monthly Giving Club.

Nopili Monthly Giving Club

"He nopili ka i‘a, pili pa‘a ke aloha” The nopili is the fish; love clings fast. This traditional Olelo No‘eau speaks of the ‘o‘opu (freshwater gobi) of the nopili variety, which were known to climb waterfalls by clinging fast to the wet stones. Remarkable isn’t it? Steady, determined, these fish achieved the seemingly impossible. And their small acts became synonymous for showing steadfast love.

With this inspiration in mind, we introduce the Nopili Monthly Giving Club. The commitment of setting-up a recurring monthly gift with Hawaiian Islands Land Trust, in any increment, is a small act that shows great love. Together, this support yields remarkable results by empowering HILT to take a more proactive role in identifying and acquiring critical conservation lands across Hawai‘i.

Interested in joining this special group, so committed to protecting the islands they love? For more information, click here or call (808) 244-5263.