Core Values


At the heart of our day-to-day activity are a set of core values that have been adopted and detailed in our Strategic Plan. These Hawaiian principles, and the universal ideals reflected in them, guide us in our pursuit of our mission. The planning, decision making, actions, and evaluations we take in achieving our vision must be consistent with these values. ‘Oni pa‘a (enduring): The work of the land trust provides benefits today and many generations into the future. Its value is measured by its contribution to the quality of lives today and many generations from today.

‘Oia io (integrity):  The land trust adheres to professional standards of conduct that ensures integrity and truthfulness in all of its actions

Laulima (collaboration): The land trust works collaboratively with communities, agencies and other nonprofit organizations to protect land in the most efficient and productive manner

Mālama (stewardship): The land trust ensures that lands under its protection receive the appropriate level of stewardship to maintain and enhance the values for which they are being protected.

Lokāhi (unity): The staff and board of the land trust work together in close unity with all of its collaboration partners for the mutual benefits of the protected lands and of all concerned.