HILT Partners With Local Groups to Protect Lipoa Point


Lipoa Point Hawaiian Islands Land TrustGreat news on the conservation front! $20,000,000 has been raised to purchase Honolua Bay-Lipoa Point. Our bill going through the State Legislature has been approved by conference committee…..for the FULL PURCHASE PRICE. We look forward to the legislature approving the 2014 budget (including the Lipoa Point funds) this Friday to make everything official. Throughout this process we have maintained a robust partnership with Save Honolua Coalition, Surfrider Foundation, and the County of Maui. Many thanks to legislators Angus McElvey and Roz Baker who also played important roles. Our success really comes out of this broad partnership

Here are a few words from those closely involved in the partnership to save Lipoa and Honolua:

Scott Fisher, Director of Conservation, Hawaiian Islands Land Trust:

"Protecting Honolua forever will mean that for generations to come the people of Maui will be able to connect with this special place, this wahi pana.  I am proud of the leadership Hawaiian Islands Land Trust provided throughout this legislative process. I am so grateful for the support of everyone who answered the call to protect Honolua.  We could not have accomplished this without the support of our partners and everyone who sent in their messages of support to their elected officials.  Stewardship will pose many challenges as well, and we hope we can count on you through this process."

Tamara Paltin, Save Honolua Coalition:

"It has been a real honor and privilege to partner with the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust to "save" Honolua.  Their support and guidance enabled us to make the most of the network resources we have built up over the last six years. We are excited and optimistic about working together to malama honolua in perpetuity."

In the coming months we look forward to working with the State Department of Land and Natural Resources and Maui Land and Pineapple on the details of the purchase. We also look forward to working with our partners on building a management plan and funding future protection activities on the property.

An iconic landscape is being protected through your support. THANK YOU!

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