Cycle City

Maui Harley-Davidson Group Donates $500

This weekend a donation vroomed up to us, seemingly out of nowhere.

One thing about land conservation is the broad spectrum of end beneficiaries, essentially anyone who appreciates being outdoors. While we are aware that the benefits of our work reach far and wide, we were still tickled to receive a call from the Maui Harley-Davisdon Owners Group—the Maui HOGs. The group had chosen HILT as a beneficiary of their recent fundraiser. Their instructions were concise: meet at the Maui Harley-Davisdon dealership Sunday morning to receive the donation and pose for a photo. Our minds raced—would there be a huge biker gang there complete with lots of chrome, black leather and revving engines? Should Dale be brushing off his chaps? In the end there were a just a few polite folks there, and they were eager to get on their way with their standing Sunday bike cruise around the island. Maui HOG members Joe Cabebe (also the store manager), Rich Serbin, and Morgan Sheilds handed us five crisp hundred dollar bills, we snapped some pictures, and in a few short minutes the transaction was complete. Their message was just as brief: We like the work you do.

Well, thank you Maui HOGs, not just for the donation, but for the reminder that saving the open spaces and precious places in Hawaii Nei is appreciated widely by the diverse (and sometime unexpected) spectrum of our island communities. What a great way to start our workweek.