New Year's Resolution: (re)Fall in Love with Hawai‘i


Facilitating falling in love with the islands is a passion of ours. The best formula to do so, we've found, is a simple one: help folks reconnect with nature. And the pockets of paradise we've worked to preserve forever are just the tools for the job.

Our first free guided hike of 2012 happens Saturday, January 14 on Maui. This exploration of the Waihe‘e Coastal Dunes & Wetlands Refuge is open to the public, and free (did we already mention that?) Join our Director of Conservation, Scott Fisher, for a stroll through time as he peels back layers of history revealing the deep cultural and environmental significance of this 277-acre preserve: early stomping grounds to four of Maui's ruling chiefs, reconciliation point of the island's most significant battle, mythic home to Kihawahine, dragon goddess and ‘aumakua to the Pi‘ilani family, modern-day home to over seven endangered native Hawaiian species, and so much more.

To deepen your appreciation for Maui, conservation land, and the love you feel for Hawai‘i, join us. Call (808) 244-5263 for more hike details and to make your reservation. Bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and water. Sturdy walking shoes recommended. No dogs please.

We offer these opportunities throughout the year, click here to view our full 2012 hike schedule. Make a point to schedule time to come hike with us in 2012. Now that's a great New Year's resolution!