HILT Receives $270,000 Grant-in-Aid for Coco Palms on Kaua`i

Coco Palms lagoon

More great news toward the conservation of iconic landscapes!

In January of this year HILT applied for a Grant-In-Aid through Senator Ron Kouchi’s office for $276,650 to conduct the necessary due diligence and collect community input for Coco Palms. This will help us determine if the acquisition of the property is feasible and, if so, how the property can best be protected for public benefit. As of last week, HILT's application has been approved by conference committee for $270,000.  If this is all finalized as part of the State budget process, the available funds will be given to the County of Kaua`i to administer and HILT will lead the due diligence and vision processes.

Coco Palms was made famous by Grace Guslander and was,  pre-`Iniki, one of the oldest hotels on Kaua`i.  However the significance of this land extends far beyond the hotel years, rich in Hawaiian history (once home to Queen Deborah Kapule, Kaua`i’s last reigning queen) and archaeological sites the area has been a place of great importance throughout Kaua`i’s history.

It is HILT's desire to conduct proper real estate due diligence and engage the community in a thoughtful, productive, input process to work towards protecting this iconic property.

“We believe if given the opportunity, the community will create an inspired vision that will honor the important role in Kaua`i’s … and Hawai‘i’s history of the site," says Jennifer Luck, Kaua`i island director, HILT.

These are exciting steps for land conservation in Hawaii and HILT is thrilled to be working with the County of Kaua`i the State of Hawai`i, Friends of Coco Palms and the community to research possibilities of protection. Our organization depends on your support and we couldn't do this important conservation work without it! Mahalo.

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