Executive Transition News

  As HILT embarks on a time of planned executive transition our work continues as usual. With the change this brings to the organization, comes a great surge of creative energy and opportunity. The conservation department is actively working on a number of land deals, while outreach/ fundraising committees are geared-up on new initiatives. The transition is being guided by a committee of board members, as well as the professional consulting firm La Piana Associates.

To keep you posted, here are a few key points:

  • Beginning September 1 and through the end of the year Dale will transition into the advisory role of director emeritus. In this time, though effectively retired, he will remain at an arm’s length as a resource to councils, board, and staff, as well as the many conservation organizations he networks with on HILT’s behalf.
  • Anders Lyons has phased into the role of interim director. Previously Anders served as associate director, he has valuable experience guiding organizations through times of transition. Dale, who will remain on staff during this time, will phase out of the executive role and be focused on completing details specific to the transition.
  • The nationwide executive director search has begun and the complete job description is available HERE.

Honoring Dale: A tireless advocate for land conservation in Hawai‘i, without Dale we would not be where we are today—with over 17,500 acres conserved forever. We are grateful for his dedication in the last ten years, and especially now through this planned transition period. Please join us in bidding a formal farewell to Dale at our Annual Picnic at the Waihee Refuge, Maui, on September 22. At Dale's suggestion well-wishers can make a contribution to the HILT Capacity Fund, a fund most dear to his heart. (Although, he also added that he’d love invitations on amazing scuba diving adventures and has confirmed his availability to travel around the globe.)

Questions? Comments? We welcome the opportunity to talk with you directly. Please feel free to call, email, or even Tweet us.

Interim Director, Anders Lyons, (808) 244-5263 Director of Conservation, Scott Fisher , (808) 244-5263 Kaua‘i Director, Jennifer Luck, (808) 755-5707 Director of Operations, Monica George, (808) 244-5263 Director of Outreach, Sara Smith , (808) 244-5263