Collaboration Permanently Protects Strategic Forestland


Kaye Lundburg 7.1.15Paʻauilo, Hawaiʻi Island – Today, Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (“HILT”) and Kaye Lundburg permanently protected an over 41-acre forestland property strategically situated near the Oʻokala Cooperative Game Management Area and the Manowaialee Forest Reserve in the Hamakua District on Hawaiʻi Island. This was done by Kaye Lundburg donating a perpetual Conservation Easement to HILT on this land which she owns. A Conservation Easement is a voluntary legal agreement between a landowner and a qualified conservation organization, such as HILT, that permanently restricts certain activities on the land, and extinguishes development rights, so as to protect the land’s conservation values (wildlife habitat, scenic vistas, agricultural resources, cultural and historical values, outdoor education and recreation opportunities, water resources, etc.). The landowner who donates a Conservation Easement to a qualified entity such as HILT remains the landowner, and the qualified entity must then uphold the Conservation Easement even with future landowners of the subject property.

The forest on Kaye Lundburg’s land has native plants and trees such as Ōhia, Koa, Hapuʻu and Uluhe which provide wildlife habitat. Ms. Lundburg is also working to improve the quality of her forest by fencing the land, removing invasive species such as strawberry guava, and planting more native plant and tree species. DLNR’s Division of Forestry and Wildlife staff are helping her with this.

Regarding this recently completed conservation transaction, Kaye Lundburg stated, “The Conservation Easement honors those who came before us and protects what we have received.”

“On behalf of the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust, I want to thank Kaye Lundburg for generously donating a perpetual Conservation Easement to us on her strategic forestland. We appreciate her long-term vision, leadership and generosity. I would further like to thank HILT’s Acquisitions Specialist/Hawaiʻi Island Director, Janet Britt, for her work on the project,” said Ted Clement, HILT Executive Director.

About Hawaiian Islands Land Trust: Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (“HILT”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2011 out of the merger of four local land trusts, and it is the first and only nationally accredited local land trust in Hawai‘i. Our mission is to protect the lands that will sustain us for current and future generations.  HILT has conserved over 17,500 acres to date, via perpetual Conservation Easements and Fee Simple Ownership, on a number of properties with various conservation values important to residents and visitors alike.  We conserve lands that secure Hawai‘i’s long-term well-being, lands with scenic views, agricultural resources, wildlife habitats, water resource areas, cultural and historical sites, and outdoor recreation opportunities.


Photo:  Kaye Lundburg