Best defense is a good offense

In your lifetime the face of the islands has suffered dramatic change. Hawai‘i’s population has more than doubled and we’ve seen much of our paradise paved. Think of the urbanized areas around you that were once natural landscapes, productive farmlands, wide-open coasts. As we are painfully aware, once gone, they’re gone forever.

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Hawaiian Islands Land Trust is embarking on a more assertive conservation strategy for the future of our islands: identifying the most significant, threatened areas and actively pursuing their permanent protection.

Take inventory of the benefits that conservation land provides: places for us to connect with nature to surf, fish, hike, soak up the sun; clean air and drinking water; healthy native eco-systems, and so much more. Now think of the pristine places that, if developed, would leave an indelible scar on the heart of your community. We must work together to save these lands before it is too late!

With this in mind, we need to hear from you. Consider making a gift to Hawaiian Islands Land Trust today. Your gift directly equates to the strength with which we can pursue the active land conservation that Hawai‘i so desperately needs right now.

Show your support by giving online here. And please, jot down your ideas for the places in Hawai‘i that most need protection. Let us know why you value these areas and what their conservation would mean to you and the community at large. We value your opinions.

Yours in conservation,

Anders Lyons Interim Executive Director