Cloud Forest Thrives on Slope of Hualalai

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Across the many lava flows on Hualalai at an elevation of about 3,500 feet, you reach Kona Cloud Forest on Hawai‘i Island.  As you travel up, the road winds through several ecosystems, beginning with the lower, more tropical palms and ending up at an elevation of around 6,100 feet where you find aalii, pukiawe and hardy ohia.  Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (HILT) recently protected the Cloud Forest by recording a conservation easement on a 10-acre parcel of land in the Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary owned by Norman C. Bezona and his extended family.  

This easement is a concrete example of what one family who cares about the health of our planet can accomplish.

The protected area is home to the below species:

hapuu ferns

• palms

• bamboo

• ohia

• akepa

• io

• amakihi

• apapane

• alala

• Hoary bat