Hawaiian Islands Land Trust Advisory Board

Dale Bonar, Solid Ground Consulting

Mark Dunkerley, Hawaiian Airlines

James Greenwell, Palani Ranch Company, Inc.

Alice F. Guild, Community Member

Bob Hobdy, Environmental Consultant

Donna Howard, Pacific Philanthropy Partners

Patrick V. Kirch, University of California Berkeley

Kepa Maly, Pulama Lanai

Mary McGrath, Philpotts Interiors

Peter Merriman, Merriman's Hawaii Restaurants

Helen Nielsen, Starr Properties LLC

Dr. Puakea Nogelmeier, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Gunars Valkirs, Maui Ku'ia Estate Chocolate, Inc.

Gaylord Wilcox, Waioli Corporation

Kitty Yannone, Communications Pacific

Mark B. Dunkerley

Mr. Dunkerley, 51, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of both Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. and its parent company, Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. Mr. Dunkerley joined Hawaiian Airlines as President and Chief Operating Officer in December of 2002 and is also a member of the Board of Directors for both Hawaiian Holdings and Hawaiian Airlines.

During his tenure at the company, Hawaiian Airlines has become the U.S. industry’s leading airline for operational performance, has delivered the highest levels of customer service and has been one of the most financially successful U.S. carriers.  Since 2010, Hawaiian has diversified its business by aggressively expanding in the Asia Pacific region.  New services between Honolulu and Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo and Sendai Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Brisbane, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; and Beijing, China complement the carrier’s robust inter island and North America network. .  

James Greenwell

Jimmy's career has been devoted to both the real estate and beef industries.  Born and raised in Hawai‘i, he graduated from Cornell University in 1967 with a degree in Ag Economics.  Following military service and ten years with A&B Properties on Maui, in 1980 he joined his family’s Big Island enterprises, Lanihau Properties LLC and Palani Ranch Company.  He became President of each in the early 1990’s retiring in 2012 but remaining active on both boards and others. 

He has held various community and industry positions including service on the Boards of Hawai‘i Preparatory Academy and Seabury Hall.  He also long has been active in and served as President of the Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council, the Hawaii Cattle Producers Cooperative, and is a Past Chair of the Hawaii Leeward Planning Conference.

Robert Hobdy

Exposure to a distinguished botanist at the age of 15 (1957) where he developed a personal interest in plants.  Undergraduate courses in botany in college.  Worked with and managed forest resources throughout his career with special focus on native and Endangered species and their ecosystems, watershed management, timber species, invasive weeds and plant pests and disease management.  He collaborated with his sister resource management agencies and organizations, universities, museums and visiting scientists.  Made extensive collections of plants for the Bishop Museum and other institutions documenting native plants and weeds and their distribution.

Discovered twelve new species of native plants, two of which he described in scientific publications and five of which were named after Bob by other botanists.  Serving on the Maui County Arborist Advisory Committee for over 30 years.  Serving on the Board of Directors of the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens.  Served on a Federal Weed Risk Assessment advisory committee.  Serving on the Maui Invasive Species Committee since 1991.  Opened an environmental consulting business in 2004, specializing in flora and fauna surveys, wetland surveys and site evaluations. 

Donna Howard

Now a consultant, Donna has had a long and rewarding career as a fundraising executive, working  primarily in higher education, in California and Hawai‘i, Hawaii Loa and Mills College as well as UC Irvine, University of Hawai‘i and UC Berkeley.

An "Army brat,” Donna grew up around the world with the 4 years at Penn State, the longest she 'lived' any where at one time.  She has a passion for learning (spent time at Oxford and Harvard) and for people and has volunteered in Armenia and Thailand.

Hawai‘i?  She moved here three times.  There is no place in Hawai‘i that you can't see beauty....turn around, look up or look out.  The natural beauty is all around us.  That's what brought Donna to HILT.

Patrick v. kirch

Patrick V. Kirch, who was born and raised in Hawai‘i, discovered his passion for Polynesian archaeology and anthropology through an early association with the Bishop Museum, while a student at Punahou School. After receiving his PhD from Yale (1975), Kirch returned to work on the staff of the Bishop Museum until 1984. After a stint as Director of the Burke Museum in Seattle, in 1989 Kirch joined the faculty of the University of California, Berkeley, where he is currently Chancellor's Professor Emeritus.

Kirch has conducted archaeological research throughout Hawai'i and the Pacific, with expeditions to Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, Samoa, the Cook Islands, and French Polynesia. He is the author of 25 books or monographs, and more than 250 scholarly articles describing the results of his discoveries. His award-winning book A Shark Going Inland Is My Chief: The Island Civilization of Ancient Hawai‘i recounts the long history of Hawai‘i from initial Polynesian settlement up to the conquests of Kamehameha I.



Kepa Maly was raised on the islands of O‘ahu and Lana‘i. While growing up on Lana‘i, kupuna immersed Kepa in Hawaiian cultural practices, language and values. Kepa’s career has focused in the field of cultural and natural resources, ethnography and the recording of Hawaiian history from Ni‘ihau through Hawai‘i and beyond.

Since February 2013, Kepa has been responsible for overseeing activities related to archaeological-cultural surveys, preservation planning of cultural resources, and encouraging the perpetuation and preservation of Lana‘i’s traditions and historical heritage, as a member of the executive team of Pulama Lana‘i.  He works to ensure the history and culture of Lana‘i are passed down by sharing the history of Lana‘i with residents, visitors, and staff members.

Prior to joining Pulama Lana‘i, Kepa was the Director of the Lāna‘i Culture and Heritage Center (www.lanaichc.org), and he continues to lead that organization through the present day. In 1994 Kepa his wife, Kamakaonaona Pomroy-Maly, started Kumu Pono associates, a Hawaiian ethnographic research firm, and together they have conducted hundreds of oral history interview, authored many cultural studies, and developed interpretive educational programs across the state.  Kepa has also served on many cultural heritage and natural resource management boards across the state (in community, county, state, and federal programs); he has also worked for the National Park Service, University of Hawai‘i, served as the curator/exhibit designer for the Kaua‘i Museum, and is the Executive Director of the Hoakalei Cultural Foundation (www.hoakaleifoundation.org).  He has also received several awards and sat on various boards over the years.



Mary’s professional experience and on-going study of Pacific regional cultures has provided the basis for her cultural consulting with projects such as Disney’s new resort at Ko Olina. Noteworthy past projects include the Hawaii Convention Center, American Cruise Lines and Norwegian Cruise Line’s ships.  She is the author of the preeminent island interior design book, “Hawaii: A Sense of Place” which won the Kapalapala Award as Book of the Year in 2005 and is now approaching its 4th printing.

In 2006, the American Society of Interior Designers acknowledged Mary with a national recognition of the lifetime achievement award.  In January of 2010 Architectural Digest named Mary in the prestigious list of AD 100 among the top one hundred designers and architects in the world.  She was also recently celebrated by the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce with the O‘o award for her preservation efforts.

Peter Headshot-Credit Charla Photography (4).jpg

PETER MErriman

Peter Merriman has been as a culinary pioneer in Hawaii for over 25 years. Known as the original “locavore”, Peter is a vocal champion of Hawaii’s farmers, ranchers and fishermen. His restaurants showcase island grown and harvested foods through simple preparations that reflect the myriad flavors of Hawaii’s multiculturalism. Dubbed the “Pied Piper of Hawaii Regional Cuisine” by The Los Angeles Times, he is a continuing inspiration to Hawaii’s thriving culinary scene.

All of Peter Merriman’s restaurants share a common mission statement: “Do the Right Thing!” Every member of the staff is taught to respect the `aina (land) that feeds and the people who produce the food, to be proud in their work, and to take responsibility for making sure every customer has a memorable dining experience.


Gunars Valkirs

Gunars Valkirs is a scientist who co-founded a successful medical diagnostics company in San Diego. After selling the company in 2007, Gunars and his wife JoRene moved to Maui in 2008. There, they established the Makana Aloha Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting Maui non-profits. It has been a privilege for the Valkirs family to connect with so many people that serve the local community with great passion and noble intentions. Gunars recently came out of retirement to start a Maui Ku'ia Estate Chocolate, a Lahaina cacao farm, aiming make the best chocolate in the world, and donate 100% of the net-profits from this new business venture to Maui charities and non-profit community organizations.

Kitty Yannone

Kitty Lagareta has spent her adult life fulfilling her passion for community service and business on a daily basis.  While still in her 20s she became a founding board member of Hawai‘i’s Ronald McDonald House and then its first executive director.  During that time she also became a certified fund development professional. In 1986, she joined Communications Pacific and began counseling clients on fund development, marketing, issues management, and community building.  In 1998, she bought Communications Pacific and serves as its chief executive officer.  Kitty was Pacific Business News’ first “Businesswoman of the Year” and inducted into the Junior Achievement of Hawaii “Business Hall of Fame.”

She has been recognized for her community service work many times over the years, including being honored by the Hawai‘i Chapter of the March of Dimes with its Franklin Delano Roosevelt National Award for Distinguished Community Service and by the American Red Cross Hawaii Chapter with its Chairman’s Cup.  Kitty served on the Board of Regents of the University of Hawaii, her alma mater, for five years, including two years as vice chair and two years as chair.  When she is not working or volunteering, Kitty spends time with her four grandsons.