About the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust

HILT takes a uniquely Hawaiian and holistic approach to land conservation. We conserve lands that enable Hawai'i's long-term well-being, lands with scenic views, agricultural resources, wildlife habitats, water resource areas, cultural and historical values, and outdoor recreation opportunities. We seek to complement the stewardship others are providing for mountaintop watersheds by concentrating largely on needs and opportunities for coastal and agricultural lands. HILT protects land primarily through the use of Conservation Easements held in perpetuity.


We also have fee-simple ownership of strategically situated public preserves throughout the Hawaiian Islands. By providing access and restoring and protecting cultural and native plant and animal habitats, we are able to showcase good stewardship practices and foster meaningful community experiences with nature for all who visit these sites.


We also assist owners who have a deep appreciation for the beauty and importance of their lands and wish to ensure long-term protection of their lands' conservation values. We support them by holding and monitoring perpetual Conservation Easements and providing other support services and counsel through our network of relationships with government agencies and other conservation partners.

Video by Tim Stice and music by Ron Kuala‘au & Zanuck Lindsey.  Waihe‘e Coastal Dunes & Wetlands Refuge.

Our Mission Is Simple: To Protect The Lands That Sustain Us For Current And Future Generations.


The lands sustains us quite literally, from the rich fertile soils for our local farms and ranches to provide local food and produce, to our native forests and watersheds providing our drinking water, our coastlines and beaches providing the recreational, emotional rejuvenation after a long week, or our historical and cultural landscapes where we pass on the traditional and cultural practices of these islands. These lands provide the very essence and foundation for our quality of life in Hawai‘i. 

Our History

Founded in January 2011, through a merger of four island land trusts, HILT today represents the combined skill and resources of our four island-based organizations that decided to join forces to take land conservation in Hawaii to the next level; Hawaii Island Land Trust, Maui Coastal Land Trust, Oahu Land Trust, and Kauai Public Land Trust. Collectively, we have protected over 18,000 acres of Hawaii's most precious lands and natural resources from Kau on Hawaii Island to Hanalei, Kauai.