Five Things About HILT’s New Executive Director

5 Things About HILT’s New Executive Director:

Join us in welcoming Edward “Ted” Clement to Hawaiian Islands Land Trust as the new executive director. He joins us from a long and successful leadership at Rhode Island’s Aquidneck Land Trust. Ted, his wife, and children recently moved to Wailuku, Maui, where HILT is headquartered. His official first day is next Monday, January 14, but get to know Ted a little here:

1. Early life memories: being in nature with his family.
Growing up in Vermont, he and his family spent a lot of time in the mountains, forests and farms there. Later, an influential high school teacher encouraged Ted to turn his love for nature into a career. He studied environmental science in college, taught at Outward Bound, and later joined the Peace Corp where he was stationed at a national park in Thailand. Upon his return to the States, Ted completed his juris doctor degree, with a focus on land conservation law, and began his work with land trusts. To this day, Ted still loves being in nature with his family. Here they are at the summit of Haleakala this past New Year’s Day.

2. First order of business: Listening.
“I plan to spend time with each member of the staff and board individually, as well as stakeholders, to hear their stories. By respectfully listening to each person, the nexus points—strengths, weaknesses, next-steps, priorities—begin to come clear.”

3. Newest favorite thing: Running up ‘Iao Valley
A one-time marathoner, Ted quickly discovered that a run up into ‘Iao Valley to be nourishing and a great place to clear his mind. In just over a week on island, he’s done the run multiple times!

4. Most proud of: Building relationships
When asked for a proudest moment from his career at Aquidneck Land Trust, Ted replied without hesitation, “the relationships we formed and the lasting good we created.” In fact, many were sad to see him go; farmers, landowners, government officials, donors and community members all gathered to bid him fond farewell.

5. Three priorities in settling-in to his new life:

  1. – Finding a soccer league to join (and one for his kids, too)
  2. – Looking for volunteer opportunities in the community
  3. – Helping his wife build a new backyard garden





  1. Welcome Ted. Transitions are great opportunities to seek and find new challenges and opportunities. For many of us that live on Maui we are in LOVE with Hawaii. Let the aloha guide you.

    Dania Katz

    • Ted Clement says:

      Thank you Dania! We feel very blessed to be here. I am so excited to work with the special people here to create lasting green good for Hawaii. I also really look forward to meeting you in person. Aloha!

  2. Francesca Carey says:

    Welcome, Ted! and congratulations on your appointment as Executive Director.
    We are all so proud of our Land Trust, and are excited to have someone with your background to help guide us. You will find out (if you do not already know) that Hawaii is a VERY special place in the universe and we want to keep it special forever. We are looking forward to meeting you at the HILT “Buy Back the Beach” fundraiser.
    Malama pono,
    Francesca Carey and Tom Douma

    • Ted Clement says:

      Mahalo Francesca and Tom. I so appreciated your kind note. So many people have kindly welcomed us to Hawaii, and it inspires us to give back as best as we can. I very much look forward to meeting you at Buy Back the Beach:)

  3. E kipa mai Ted. I was an 18-time visitor to Hawaii before moving here a little over 10 years ago. I have lived many places yet none have been as open and inviting, nor as beautiful and inspiring, as Maui. It is a constant back and forth – what is better here, the place or the people? Most nights I happily go to sleep declaring it a tie.

    I found two Maui soccer links that may be of use!

    Have fun playing – the fields are endless here, in every sense!

    • Ted Clement says:

      Roxanne, thank you for your lovely note. It was wonderful being greeted with so much love and support on my first day. Yes, the people and places here are equally special and beautiful. Thank you for the soccer links too. I communicated with people from Maui United yesterday. Cheers!

  4. Aloha Ted,

    The East Maui Watershed Partnership welcomes you! We look forward to meeting you at the next conservation event!

    Aloha, Randy Bartlett & EMWP Staff

    • Ted Clement says:

      Aloha Randy and the rest of the staff at East Maui Watershed Partnership. Thank you for your kind welcome. I very much look forward to meeting you and working together to create lasting good. Cheers!

  5. Heather Mueller says:

    Dear ted,
    Welcome to the community…
    I have 20 acres in Placerville, California which I would like to donate or sell to the California El Dorado County Land trust. It is on the South fork of the American River. is there any way that this process could benefit our Land trust in Maui?
    Do you know anyone in the Land trust system in that area of California?
    Aloha, Heather Mueller.
    I am in Calif. now but will return to Hawaii on Jan 17th…808 238-0423. I am serving on the Big island but own a house in Keokea.

    • Ted Clement says:

      Hi Heather. Thank you for your welcome. There may be a way that your land in CA could benefit the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust. Please call me at your convenience so that we can discuss. My cell is 401-855-4476.

  6. Aloha Ted and welcome to Maui! You have joined a great conservation community out here! If you are interested, we would love for you to visit one of our Maui Nui Marine Resource Council meetings to get to know some of the community here in the marine world. We meet once a month – the first Wednesday of the month – from 4:45 – 7pm in Ma’alaea to discuss marine conservation issues in an open environment with our 28 member council, made up of community members, fishermen, marine biologists, folks in the tourism industry, cultural advisors, other NGO and local government reps. Dale Bonar, the previous E.D. for your Land Trust, sits on our Council and has given us much wonderful insight! As our Executive Director, I would love to meet up and “talk story” as we call it 🙂

    Congratulations on your new position and I look forward to working with you!
    Sarah McLane

    • Ted Clement says:

      Hi Sarah. Thank you so much for your kind welcome. I would love to get together with you to “talk story.” Please email me when you have a moment so that we can find time to get a cup of coffee together. My email is I also look forward to eventually attending one of your Council meetings.

  7. On behalf of your ohana here at Honua Kai Resort & Spa, welcome to the Hawaiian Island Land Trust!

    Sounds like HILT has found a devoted preservationist to lead the team, and we’re excited to hear you’ve come aboard. We’re already looking forward to a great Buy Back The Beach 2013, a chance to meet yourself, and the opening of many opportunities to come!

    Aloha! – HKRS Ohana

    • Ted Clement says:

      Mahalo HKRS Ohana. Your thoughtful note was much appreciated. I very much look forward to meeting you at Buy Back the Beach. Cheers!

  8. We miss you already Ted! I was looking for an e-mail to make a connection for you! Many blessings, Happy settling in!

  9. Rosemary Davidson says:

    Your gain is our lost here on Aquidneck Island in Rhode Island. Ted was an integral member of our community. He worked so hard at the Land Trust and his efforts will live on for many generations. He is an awesome soccer coach too! We will miss him. Best of luck, Ted and if I ever get over there I will certainly let you know. Hugs to all the Clements.

    • Ted Clement says:

      Aloha Rosemary. It was so nice receiving your kind note today. Thank you so much! I send my love to you and your wonderful family. Give that terrific grandson of yours a high-five for me:)

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