Island Councils

A key component to HILT’s leadership structure is how our statewide Board of Directors is complimented by island councils from each island.  This approach engages local leadership and honors the unique character and conservation priorities of each island.  Community leaders, participating through their local island council and working with HILT staff, will support their neighborhood conservation projects.  The statewide organization will support these projects.  Hawaiian Islands Land Trust will protect the most important conservation lands regardless of the county in which they are located.  Having a board with effective representation from all counties ensures a balanced perspective for the organization.

Maui Island Council

Pam Bello
Susan Bradford
Lucienne de Naie
Frances Duberstein
Arianna Feinberg
Michael Foley
Judy McCorkle
George N. Paresa
Candace Thackerson

Hawai‘i Island Council

Stephanie Amick
Rick Bennett
Gail Byrne-Baber
Winfield Chang
Rebecca Colvin
Tim Cooke
John Cross
Lily Lyons
Dudoit Alan Livingston
Jeff Melrose
Doug Sensenig
Jessica Schmelz
Dane Springer
Toni Withington

O‘ahu Island Council

Kevin Chang
Doug Cole
Gary Gill
Shad Kane
Jody Kaulukukui
Dotty Kelly
Howard Killian
Kaleo Paik
Elizabeth Reilly
John Reppun
Cynthia Rezentes
Puananionaona Thoene
Steven Tom

Kaua‘i Island Council

Beryl Blaich
Mehana Blaich-Vaughan
Sara Bowen
Bill Chase
Harvey Cohen
Howatt Peter King
Rupert Rowe
Leialoha Sanchez
Keola Sheehan
Ben Welborn
Erin Wilson